Could full-on, traditional MMO games play a part in the future of Sony's PSP? Speaking with MTV Multiplayer at the New York Games Conference on Friday, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley expressed great interest in the PSP as a MMO-delivery device.

“We started to get very interested in [the PSP] when we switched over from Sony Pictures to Sony Computer Entertainment back in April,” he explained. “And as we’ve kind of got our heads up looking around the world within Sony Computer Entertainment, we’re really starting to see a big push for PSP. We think it’s a world-class device… In the future, we see full MMOs that are designed for the PSP.”


While we wait for a full MMO on the handheld, Mr. Smedley tossed out a couple ideas for integrating the PSP into existing games, including a virtual pet that ties in with a pet in the family-friendly MMO Free Realms, or mini-games that let you level up your character offline. Great ideas both, really. I love my PSP, but it isn't exactly burning up the handheld market right now. Fresh ideas and unique applications are very welcome indeed. Sony Online Considering MMOs On PSP [MTV Multiplayer]

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