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Seth Luisi, Director of Development at SCEA, made an announcement on the SOCOM Confrontation official website yesterday saying he's quite thrilled by the consumer response for the game since its launch, with players averaging 3.1 hours per person and over 300,000 player hours daily. Of course this has come at a cost, specifically to their servers, he said.

"Unfortunately, the server environment is not holding up during peak loads. We've made many changes and improvements to the server to improve the issues (the first few days were really rocky) but we are still seeing server issues when we get up to around 25,000 simultaneous players during peak hours. Our primary focus at this time is to resolve these server issues."


Luisi also noted there would be patches coming down the road. Yes, patches. Plural. One patch will look to fix client side stability issues, including getting booted to the XMB and getting disconnected from games. He also said another patch is in the works to enable trophies and address user feedback. The client patch is expected to be out "in the next week or so" with no scheduled release date for the second. SOCOM: Confrontation Update October 20th, 2008


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