SOCOM Confrontation Gets A Late, Patched PAL Release

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SOCOM Confrontation had a few issues. OK, it had a lot of issues. Issues that up til now, only Americans have had the pleasure of experiencing! That'll change next month with the PAL release.


Coming five months after the American release, SOCOM Confrontation will be out in Australia on March 18, and in Europe on March 13. It should be an all-around improved experience from the US launch, too, with a series of much-needed patches that have been released for the game in the intervening months helping fix most of the game's more notorious online glitches.

CONFIRMED SOCOM RELEASE DATE [PlayStation, thanks Brett!]

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Nice. I was actually under the impression this game had already seen a UK release, but was just so broken nobody mentioned or played it. But if the version we get in March is fixed enough- I'm deffo hitting it.

I remember being at a friends house as we loaded up SOCOM for the first time, our first full headset enabled console online multiplayer experience. Man was it great. I sure loved that game (and was surprisingly good at it, 100-200th world rank or so)