According to reports out of Japan, the president of social gaming giant Gree, Yoshikazu Tanaka, is being sued for allegedly making a young woman get an abortion.

Gree is one of the biggest social game companies in Japan. Forbes said its founder is Asia's youngest self-made billionaire and called him one of "The World's 12 Most Eligible Billionaire Bachelors."

According to Sakura Financial News, the legal brief says the 20-something, unnamed woman met Tanaka in fall 2010 and they soon began seeing each other and living together off and on. He apparently also rented an apartment for her. The brief notes that when she told Tanaka she was pregnant, he allegedly said, "Even if you have it, nobody would be happy" and supposedly left money (Sakura Financial News reports that the money seems to have been for the abortion). Then, the brief states, Tanaka allegedly cut off communication. The woman claims she unwillingly chose to abort the child.

The woman is suing Tanaka for 30 million yen ($293,640) in damages. Legal proceedings began earlier today in a Tokyo District Court.


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