Soccer Star Blamed For Broken PS3 Controller, Replies Well

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Mario Götze, international football star, nautical enthusiast and scorer of the winning goal in last year’s World Cup Final, is also a man who cares deeply about his fans who may be experiencing heartache playing...FIFA.


When fan Mario Thissen messaged Götze to tell him that the Bayern Munich star owed him €49.90 after his digital alter-ego had missed a 90th-minute penalty, resulting in Thissen smashing his controller, Götze actually replied. To apologise, and tell Thissen to check his PMs so he could send the guy a new DualShock.

Nice touch. Especially since, you know, it’s Thissen’s fault for a) missing the penalty and b) being the guy that takes it out on a helpless controller.


I wonder if Fernando Torres will follow suit...

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Dear Götze,

Your digital alter-ego stole $1 million dollars from me in real life. Please compensate.