Soccer and 48 Pop Idols Show Rage Who's the Boss in Japan

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It was a big week for two very different video games in Japan. One, Konami's World Soccer Winning Eleven 2012 (a series you may know as Pro Evo), topped the charts overseas, selling more than a quarter million copies in its first week.


The other, AKB1/48: Idol to Guam to Koishitara..., the dating simulation that lets you canoodle with one of the girls from Japanese pop group AKB48, also did quite well, selling more than 236,000 copies to PSP owners in search of romance.

From there, things quickly drop off, with F1 2011 in third at a little more than 25,000 copies. It's still more than twice what id Software's Rage sold on the PS3. The first-person shooter debuted with 11,000 copies sold on Sony's console, another 7800 on the Xbox 360.


Take a look at the top 20 bestselling video games in Japan for the week of October 3 to 9, courtesy of Media Create, and see if you spot any surprises.

01. World Soccer Winning Eleven 2012 (PS3) - 272,036 / NEW
02. AKB1/48: Idol to Guam to Koishitara... (PSP) - 236,587 / NEW
03. F1 2011 (PS3) - 26,574 / NEW
04. Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Moushouden (PS3) - 18,305 / 101,206
05. Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki (PSP) - 16,423 / 155,361
06. Dark Souls (PS3) - 15,853 / 330,139
07. Dragon Quest Collection (Wii) - 15,338 / 349,810
08. Rage (PS3) - 11,320 / NEW
09. Rhythm Heaven Wii (Wii) - 10,731 / 492,112
10. Wii Sports Resort with Wii Remote Plus (Wii) - 10,295 / 587,913

11. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP)
12. Kirby Mass Attack (DS)
13. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 (PSP)
14. Rage (Xbox 360)
15. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
16. Phantom Kingdom Portable (PSP)
17. Family Fishing (Wii)
18. Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Sweet Never Land (PSP)
19. Pokemon Super Scramble (3DS)
20. God of War Origins Collection (PS3)

In Japan's video game hardware contest, the Nintendo 3DS once again comes out on top, even with no software representation in the top 10. Also of note, it looks like Media Create finally stopped counting PSP go sales, which have been in the single digits. Rest in peace, PSP go.

  • Nintendo 3DS - 53,540
  • PlayStation 3 - 29,435
  • PSP - 26,780
  • Wii - 10,080
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 2,175
  • Nintendo DSi - 1,718
  • Xbox 360 - 1,346
  • PlayStation 2 - 1,326
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 51

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KrautMcFriend: Bow of Souls

Interesting, Japan always does the "right" thing in my opinion, but just differently. I can't blame them at all for loving a soccer/football game, because IF you have played one recently, it's a great sports game to play these days. Better than Madden (and the reviews for FIFA 12 and PES 12 both show this), and slowly creeping past greats like the EA NHL series.

So, that's the "right" part.

But, it's interesting that FIFA 12 didn't get any love, just PES 12. I know PES 12 used to rule soccer/football games, but FIFA 12 is on fire, sales wise.

Maybe Konami is a big factor...

Go Gunners.