Last we heard about Zune-360 integration was when Microsoft told Gizmodo that it was going to take "a step up", and it was going to happen "within the year". That was October. Now?


Now we have a job listing on Microsoft's web site. It's for a "User Experience Designer". And in the brief, it mentions that the successful applicant will be working on, among other things, the "Zune Xbox".

Zune Xbox?

Before you start slobbering "OMG MS handheld confirmed", that's likely not what this is. It's mentioned among other applications, and is likely just that: an application. For the existing Zune.

Wonder what it could be for? Could we access our 360's Netflix setup remotely? Are we finally about to get the near-mythical Live Anywhere?


Maybe! We could go on, but since this story revolves around two words in a job posting, we won't. That would be jumping to conclusions, and you lot are good enough at that as it is. You don't need our help.

User Experience Designer [Microsoft, via Cnet]

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