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We've seen plenty of video demos of the new Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, from the exciting to the heartwarming to the pointless to the motion sickness-inducing. But I've been waiting for someone to sit down with it and, in clear language, answer all the questions that I've had about the thing.


Ben Kuchera at the Penny Arcade Report has been messing around with an Oculus Rift development kit for a little while now and has answered a bunch of reader questions over at his site.

It's a helpful article: Several things I had been wondering, I now know. You have to provide your own headphones (a good thing as far as I'm concerned), you set it up by mirroring your current monitor, the current low resolution is indeed noticeable, and Kuchera was able to get his unit at home to play nice with his glasses no problem. (I have terrible eyesight, and this has been a concern of mine.)

Other quality reader-questions include: "If there's a really sad part in a game and I cry, will it break?" Head over to the PAR to find out the answer.


We're still figuring out what kind of Oculus Rift coverage we'll do here at Kotaku, but I'm finding myself increasingly interested in getting one of these. But I'm an outlier thanks to my job. I'm curious about y'all's interest in the Rift, so I put together a poll:


What do you think of this thing so far? Fad, high-end bauble, or maybe a taste of things to come? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Top Keanu image from Johnny Mnemonic via cellulord.

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