Has anyone else noticed that a large percentage of the WiiWare games released are titles we've heard absolutely nothing about? Take Groovin' Blocks here, released today on WiiWare from developer Empty Clip. It's a rhythm puzzle game that has you earning more points if you drop blocks to the beat. It sounds like exactly the sort of quirky little puzzler I like, yet I'm only hearing about it via a Nintendo press release the day the game launches. Meanwhile, on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, we wait for games for months. Which is better? Part of me enjoys the anticipation, while another part of me enjoys feeling like I used to back before the internet, when I could walk into a store and be surprised by a new title. It's a conundrum! Either way, I've gone ahead and posted some screens and the launch trailer after the jump to help us get to know Groovin' Blocks a little bit better.