Ah, the video game console. It is the machine you use when you plop down on a couch and want to play a video game. It's been that way for decades.

Console will always be the machine for gaming in the living room, right?

Maybe not. Consider the tablet...

In a study of 33 people (that's more than 30!), Google's Research division determined that people (at least 33 of them) love nothing more than to use their tablet to check e-mail or play video games. And they love using their tablet most... on the couch.

The study tracked the tablet usage of these 33 people for two weeks, across more than 700 uses of their tablets. The test subjects were located in New York, San Francisco and Milwaukee, apparently to account for differences in urban, suburban and rural usage.

Hey, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft... good thing this is only a study of 33 people! Nothing to worry about at all. Don't worry about Steam Big Picture either. Nope. No worry needed.


Understanding Tablet Use: A Multi-Method Exploration [Google Research PDF, via Tech Crunch and Twitter]