So This Dickwolves Thing Won't Go Away

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Even after issuing an apology, in which he spoke of his "regret", the controversy over Penny Arcade artist Mike Krahulik's comments at this year's PAX continue to have repercussions.

Today, Max Temkin - one of the designers and co-founders behind the massive Cards Against Humanity - took to his blog to talk about his company's experience at this year's PAX, and how Krahulik's comments "just fucked us".


"...most of my friends who come to PAX do their most original, creative promotions there, and spend months of work (and a small fortune) preparing for the show", he says.

"But now it’s two weeks later, and after all that work, we’re pretty depressed about the whole thing, based entirely on a single comment by one of the founders of Penny Arcade, Mike Krahulik."

Temkin links a number of authors and developers critical of Krahulik's actions for both context and support, before personally addressing his own company's experience and reaction to the comments.

"I wasn’t at that panel, but word reached me that afternoon and I knew shortly after that a good amount of the work we had done for PAX had been washed away", he goes on to write. "After the show, nobody would remember the cube that I spent months designing or the cards and fortune cookies that we gave out, they would only remember that quote. I believe my exact words were, 'Mike just fucked us.'"


I think this is an important step in people's reactions to the show, and its organisers, because until now most people taking a public stand - at least behind their company's name - have been small indie projects.


Cards Against Humanity, with millions sold, millions made and an enormous presence at the show, is not a small indie project.

Having weighed up his options - which included pulling out of PAX entirely - Temkin says that for future shows, Cards Against Humanity is "going to use our place there to talk about what we think is right and fair, and welcome all kinds of gamers into our booth."


PAX [Max Temkin]

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"___ just fucked us."

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