Sure, you could stay at a normal hotel while you're in France. could stay at the Xbox One hotel—because that's a thing now.

Open in Paris for the month of November, the Xbox One hotel is a response of sorts to the "Apartment 4" launched by Sony last month to showcase the PlayStation 4 and its games. In this case, I guess a hotel is considered a one-up on an apartment.

The hotel, as you might imagine, is Xbox One themed—and this means it has a showcase of Xbox One games, sure, but even smaller stuff like keys and even cocktails represent the One's spirit.

Here is what it looks like inside, courtesy of the French Xbox Twitter account:


A Ryse-themed bed!

And if you're curious...this isn't the first time something like this has happened. During a PS3 launch event, Microsoft France sailed this boat past a French launch party all night long:


(Via DualShockers)