So the Adventure Time Guy Made a Cartoon About Pokémon (and Farts)

Pendleton Ward (creator) and Natasha Allegri (artist) of Adventure Time fame have made a short cartoon about Pokémon. In which Ash instructs Pikachu on the etiquette of farts.


Despite running for only 1:35, it is both amusing and horrifying.

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I really have tried watching the newer cartoons but the whole "outrageous" humor is not appealing to me in the least. Probably why I hardly ever liked Ren and Stimpy. Older shows were actually written extremely well in it's humor and actually took talent to draw. Now it's all flash animation mostly and looks shoddy. Had my nephews watch Rugrats on Netflix and instead of watching new episodes of their favorite cartoons watched Rugrats. When they are a little older I think I'll show them The Adventures of Pete and Pete to show them the height of children's programming. #backinmyday