So-so PSP Game Gangs of London Is Unexpectedly Coming to the Silver Screen

Remember Gangs of London? You're forgiven if you don't, because it's a 2006 PSP game from Sony's Team SOHO—The Getaway guys!—that very few people actually liked. But one British filmmaker was a fan and has since optioned rights to make a movie based on the game.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that director Menhaj Huda wants to bring the street gang fiction and its stylized London to film as "a convoluted cat and mouse plot between the gangs culminating in an out and out action adventure."


Why this PSP title? Well, Huda argues that Gangs of London was "an iconic game."

"Bringing it to the big screen is going to be a massively exciting task," he says. I'm happy that someone's still really excited about Gangs of London.

Huda is responsible for the "micro budget breakout British urban hit Kidulthood," according to THR. Next up, Lumines: The Movie!


Sony PlayStation Portable Game ‘Gangs of London' To Be Turned Into Brit Movie [Hollywood Reporter]

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