So Portal 2's Co-Op Mode Only Really Needs One Person

You'd think that Portal 2's co-operative levels were designed specifically so that they could only be completed by two players working together. Turns out that's only half right.


While you do need two players to complete each room properly, YouTube user Gocnak quickly found that you only really need the other person to open the doors. All the other bits could be completed by just one person.

As you can see, in the video above. Those crying foul at all the floaty bits, Gocnak says "yes I did use noclip", but that it "was ONLY used to get through the doors, as, who would've thought, the doors don't open with one person."

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I was somewhat disappointed with how easy co-op was. Especially after hearing reviewers and others laud it as the game's "real" challenge compared to how easy most of the single player mode was. My partner and I blazed through it though. Even some of the "tougher" achievements (not dying in all of Chamber 4, doing Chamber 3 puzzles in under 1 minute) were acquired without much of a challenge. The only headaches were the puzzles in Chamber 5 that were more about timing and execution rather than setup.

Still a fun game, but I would've liked it more if I couldn't solve every puzzle in both modes in a couple minutes (per puzzle/chamber). Give me a total mind fuck of a puzzle that will take me hours to figure out. I'd counter-argue my own sentiment with, "Well, they can't make it too hard for the casuals", but I'd imagine if you're buying a puzzle game, you're buying it for the challenge of solving puzzles; Thus knowing full well what you're getting into.