So Now I Have My Own iPhone — What Games Should I Get?

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Usually the best gifts we get for the holidays are the ones we buy for ourselves. In my case, this would be an iPhone.


Now that I'm in possession of what people are calling the next big portable gaming platform, I need to load it up with games. I've got a few in mind so far — and I did let Randy Nelson from Joystiq talk me into a Scrabble-type app so we could see who's the better wordsmith — but it'd be great to get your recommendations.

Here's what I'm thinking:

First I need Wurdle and Fieldrunners. Back in March I met the creators of both games at a Game Developers Conference panel and heard a lot of good things about both games. Also, I want to support indie gaming.

Second I should get Puzzle Quest. I know it caused me a lot of grief when an early bug deprived me of my Bard character while playing on my ex's iPhone. But the kinks seem to be out now; and really, portable gaming doesn't get much better than Bejeweled wrapped in a role-playing game.

Or maybe it does? Peggle is definitely third on my list both because of quality and because I feel like PopCap Games manufactures my own personal brand of crack and I owe it to them to support my addiction.


On that note and as my fourth choice, I'm keeping my eye out for Plants vs. Zombies on the App Store in January 2010.


Anybody got any other suggestions? Drop me a line in the comments.


Luke Plunkett


Then Rolando 2.