So, It Seems Lil Wayne is Sampling Assassin's Creed Now (not Mass Effect)

This is "Trigger Finger" from Lil Wayne's newest album I Am Not a Human Being II, released Tuesday. But Mass Effect Assassin's Creed fans should recognize that opening sample, before it lights up a bowl and rolls into the filth-flarn-filth lyrics (so, yes, NSFW warning if you're listening around others over speakers.)

[Update] Reader SRTMH more closely identified the track—it is in fact from Jesper Kyd and Assassin's Creed II, though it appears to have been altered. But it's "Leonardo's Inventions," and not music from the Presidium or Citadel in Mass Effect. The headline above was altered to reflect this and the remainder of the original post follows:

"It is almost unmistakably a sample from one of the main themes from Mass Effect," says reader Aethops, and I concur. I think this is interstitial music heard very early in the original game, aboard The Citadel.

Sampling video game soundtracks. Good thing? Not a good thing? Did Weezy do it justice? Can we get some Jesper Kyd next time?

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