So I'll Be Your Guest Editor This Weekend

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Good morning! My name is Cara Ellison and I’m doing a bit of guest editing for you lovely lot this weekend.


Sorry about the formal picture, I really couldn’t find anything else that wasn’t just me hugging another person or one of those pictures people take of you at parties when you have fallen asleep on a beanbag.

As for my interests and doings, I am an itinerant writer, or vagabond if you will, who has been travelling the world staying with, or embedding with, if you will, game developers, and writing about them for a book I am doing. You can find out more about that and my work here. You might also remember me from such sites as Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, VICE UK, New Statesman and The Guardian, where I have passionately strained the reins of what is editorially good and proper much to the upset of almost every editor out there.


For now it’s safe to say I am excited and happy to be on Kotaku with some of my favourite writers, and I hope to entertain you with thoughts from my thoughtbrain today and tomorrow.

You can tweet me @caraellison if you want to say hello.

Salute mi familia!

Super thanks to Jamie Drew, the talented photographer who took my picture.

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Mike Fahey

I fully approve of being temporarily replaced by someone with pink hair.