So How's That PlayStation Move Controller Treating You?

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In today's moving edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Aikage teases us all with stop motion porn. Oh, and he mentions the PlayStation Move controller as well. Which is more exciting? Both, probably.

zoop di doo!

So I just bought a move controller because amazon had a deal! I can't say no to things I don't need if they're on SALE!
Then it got to me and it turns out I needed to buy the eye. Ok, so I bought an EYE! Now what?


Do I need that navigation controller or not? What can I do with a move controller? How does the precision compare to the Wii? Is there anything that isn't gimmicky mini games that I can play? DID I MAKE A MISTAKE? I guess if nothing else my wife and I can find some creative uses for the camera. STOP MOTION XXX. Look for it in theaters near you!

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Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

Navigation controller isn't necessary, as you can just use a dual shock (well, half of one), but that's awkward and unwieldy, so I'd recommend one.



No More Heroes

Killzone 3

Sports Champions

Ape Escape

Sorcery, when that comes out.

And Pixeljunk 4am when that comes out.

I could feel good about recommending any of those.

As for how it compares to the Wiimote; It's definitely more precise, even with the MotionPlus. As long as you've got everything set up properly. Good lighting, etc. It's the closest to 1:1 motion sensing any of the big three have gotten imo.