Midway are in trouble. No, wait. Midway are in deep trouble. Know what would help? If somebody bought the company. But how much would that cost you?

Having got together with debtors and the courts, a reasonable price has been settled upon. And that price is $30 million. If you can't afford it on your own, maybe pool your cash with some friends, put in a joint bid.

Just remember: you may not be getting the Mortal Kombat team for your money.


At the same time an asking price was agreed upon, all parties were also able to agree on a revised "employee incentive plan", after the last one was shouted down from on high.

The new plan is geared more towards encouraging 28 "key employees" (including developers & executives) to ensure the company is sold. Those 28 will share in $600,000 when someone agrees to buy Midway, and they'll split $1,000,000 when any sales deal is made final.


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