So, How Many Wii Games Are Any Good?

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Picture the scene: your mum walks into GameStop. She walks to the Wii section, and picks out a game for your birthday. At random. What are the odds she picks a good one?

Let's find out! Just like they did for both Xbox 360 and PS3 games, market research firm EEDAR have rounded out the trilogy by tracking every Wii game's Metacritic score and found how much of the system's catalogue has been a hit with critics, and how much of it hasn't.


The PS3 and 360 were, for the most part, neck-and-neck. The Wii, however, is not. In short, the bulk of it's catalogue is - as we saw with the most popular console of the last generation, the PS2 - a minefield of shovelware, rubbish ports and more shovelware, with over half the system's catalogue scoring a 65 or lower on Metacritic.

Things are just as bleak at the top end of the review spectrum. While 13% of 360 games scored 85 or higher, and 17% of PS3 games earned the same score, only 4% of Wii games achieved similar review aggregates. 4%! That's dreadful.

None of this will be new to many Wii owners, we know, but numbers are fun, and it was only fair to present the third and final of EEDAR's reports.

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Thats alright, Luke, we still want to see this stuff. You know what? The more Nintendo sees articles like these, perhaps they'll look deep into their hearts....and realize...they need to change.

(laughs ass off.)