So How Laggy Is PlayStation Move?

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There's been criticism that Microsoft's Kinect suffers from lag. But what about Sony's rival PlayStation Move? How laggy is it?


In a FAQ section on the PlayStation Blog, Sony come close to actually putting a number on the thing, stating "The PlayStation Move has similar sensing latency as the DUALSHOCK 3 controller - for many PlayStation Move games, this is about 22ms".

Of course, Sony then points out "Modern HDTVs unfortunately have much more latency, usually on the order of 60-160ms", so yes, in short, the Move isn't - at least according to Sony's own internal testing - very laggy at all. Good to hear!

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There are 2 types of lag with the Move and it's very important to distinguish these types!

1: Camera lag/Augmented reality lag. The fact that the camera takes a little too much time to display what it sees on the screen leads to a little bit of lag between what you are doing and what happens on the screen. However, this leads to zero lag for the augmented reality itself and after a short time, when I played with this, it did not affect my gameplay at all. It was just as fun and the lag itself didn't really enter into my mind.

2: Actual Move lag. This is for games that don't show what's on the camera. This lag is so freaking minimal that as far as I'm concerned doesn't exist. I played that gladiator game and it really felt like perfect 1:1 with no lag whatsoever. Games like this should be the best sellers and I hope developers realize this and create stuff we were supposed to get with the Wii but have yet to.