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I just finished Mass Effect 2. Quite the ending! Well, it was for me, anyway. Judging by the number of times my 360 spun the disc, and the number of choices involved, I'd say yours may have been quite different.


So please, share. It'll be fun to see the number of different outcomes people wound up with. I'll get the ball rolling. Oh, and in case you haven't worked it out by now, this will consist almost entirely of spoilers.

I Knocked Boots With...

Miranda, as I'm a sucker for soft Aussie accents. Quite enjoyed the cutscene, too, as it's nice to sometimes be reminded there are bras in space. As for why I passed over the other ladies of the Normandy, well, Yeoman Chambers was too easy, Tali is a little creepy and Jack was just...ungh, nothankyou.


I'll Mourn The Passing Of...

Jacob Taylor, who was shot in the head after I sent him through the vents. I sent Jacob into the vents figuring that had suicide mission written all over it, and I was correct. Being my least favourite crew member (so boring), he was expendable.

Mordin Solus, who just...ended up dead on the ground as we were fleeing the Collector base. I never picked him for any responsibility during the last mission, so maybe he just passed on from the shame of it all. A pity, since I'll miss his wisecracks, but hey, it's a war, people die.

Zaeed Massani, who I quite liked until his loyalty mission, when it turned out he was actually a giant asshole. Again guessing correctly that whoever led the second assault team was due an untimely demise, this was the perfect chance to be rid of him once and for all.


Can We Keep It?

No. I blew the Collector base sky high. I'm not the type to fight my way through giant Terminators and hordes of bugs only to pass up a giant space explosion.


Did I Make It?

Sure did. My Commander Shepard returned fit, healthy and ready for another round with the Reapers.


And The Illusive Man?

He's a bad person. My Commander Shepard is not. So Martin Sheen was told, in more polite terms, to go fuck himself.


What Happens Next?

My Shepard was a maxed-out Paragon, so I was mighty tempted to restart the game with the bonus stats, see where the dark side could take me. In the end, though, my desire to collect little model starships and make the most of Miranda's spare time convinced me to finish off all the game's side missions instead.


So, that's me done! How about you? Make it out alive? Get everyone killed? Sat through Mordin's cautionary tale of Human/Quarian intercourse?

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