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People Are Paying Nearly $100 For Virtual Weed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought that paying nearly forty dollars for a weed emoticon on Steam was ridic, the "Snoopify" app makes paying that much money for digital representations of weed look like a pittance.


As the name suggests, Snoopify is a free Snoop Lion themed app that lets you stamp pictures with stickers according to the Wall Street Journal.


Downloading the app, you might notice that some of the sticker stamps, which range from chicken and waffles to Snoop Lion himself, are free...but not all of them. Some sell for under a dollar. Some over. And then there's the "Golden Jay." It costs $99.99 dollars, and yes, it's weed-related.

Despite the high price of the digital weed sticker, since the app debuted a week ago, the Jay has been bought at least 15 times, WSJ reports. That's true even though you could definitely buy actual weed with that much money if you wanted to (according to sources).

“I was shocked," Nick Adler, Snoop Lion’s brand manager said in response to the Jay purchases. "But hey, this is a new world.”


Indeed it is. What digital weed item will people pay exorbitant amounts for next? And don't people know they can stamp things with both Snoop Lion and weed GIFS on their pictures on Blingee, for free?

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