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Sniper X Is Deer Hunter With Humans. Also Jason Statham.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I guess Human Hunter 2016 would have been too on the nose, even with the celebrity endorsement.

That doesn’t stop Sniper X from being pretty much exactly that though. Oh they are bad humans doing bad things like patrolling camps filled with beige buildings and standing too close to trucks filled with explosive barrels, but they are human, and we are hunting them.

Hunting them with the help of the dulcet tones of action star Jason Statham, who has portrayed a man hunting humans in several of his movies. We might not be able to understand what he says half of the time, but as a balding man I appreciate the message.


Like Deer Hunter, Sniper X challenges players to complete a series of missions by killing a number of animals either standing around minding their own business or actively trying to escape death. Missions are tied into weapon power, and weapon power is tied into upgrades purchased with earned cash or purchased gold. Every now and then you’ll be asked to take down a named boss, the first of which is extra evil because he’s about to execute two kneeling hostages with hoods over their heads.


Sniper X to the rescue!


Of course this is not Sniper X. This is cartoon Jason Statham, who differs from real world Jason Statham somehow. Not quite sure. Sniper X is you. Or me. Or anyone who cries out in the night for freedom from all of these people we are slaughtering.

Sniper X is probably someone who should get free gun upgrades instead of having to pay for it with money earned shooting people. If Sniper X says he needs an assault rifle, you do not question him (or her). You hand over an assault rifle. And maybe a sandwich. Something light.


That’ll do.

Sniper X is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices. It’s actually quite good.


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