SNES Gets 8-Player MP, 10 Years Too Late

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You kids today, taking your 32-player online networked internet games for granted. Once was a time two players in the same game was exciting, and four was just crazy. Take the SNES, for example. The good old SNES. Most players it could ever support was five. Which is why German programmer Matthias Nagler took it upon himself to code a game for the console that supports eight players. His creation - brawler N-Warp Daisakusen - allows you to plug two multitaps into the one SNES, and while it looks pretty rough, it's the thought that counts. Those feeling brave can download the game from Matthias' site and craft themselves a cart. Those feeling less brave (or just lazy) can get the ROM and run it through an emulator. 8-player SNES game? Load up on spells, bring your friends [Opposable Thumbs]

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Sando Calrissian

How did he do it all in 4 weeks? I'll give you a hint: Even though there are undoubtably 4 controllers connected, only one player is moving at a time.