Snap Mode is the Xbox One’s Impressive New Interface

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At today’s Xbox reveal event, Microsoft showed how their new console will change how you’ll interact with your TV. Snap Mode lets users run multiple functions simultaneously and switch between them with voice commands without having to shut them down individually.

A demo showed live TV being shown on the TV and when a Microsoft exec on stage said “Xbox, snap Internet Explorer,” the TV image shrank to make room for a new search window pane. From there, he went to a Favorites menu and navigated to buy movie tickets via a companion smartphone app.


Snap Mode and its Instant Switching multitasking could be the thing that delivers most on Microsoft’s promises that the Xbox One will be the only thing that you’ll need in your entertainment area. It's certainly a quantum leap for them and rivals anything else available in the living room.

It’s pretty damn cool.

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I'm trying to imagine what public response would be to this if it had been hosted by Steve Jobs and the box had an apple logo on it . :/

I can't be the only one that watches this video and sincerely feels a sense of awe (as much as one can for a consumer electronic device)... this is pretty much exactly what I've been hoping for in the next generation of consoles in terms of entertainment center functionality (I do my gaming on the PC).

Now I just want to know how much of the functionality I can expect without a Gold subscription...