Reviewing Final Fight: Double Impact this week, I failed to mention the game's remixed soundtrack as a definite plus. It's the product of Simon Viklund, who delivered the outstanding techno score of Bionic Commando: Rearmed. It's available for download, free.


Not only that, you can snag Viklund's take on the songs for Magic Sword, also featured in Double Impact. There are 46 tracks in all.

If it were up to me, I'd keep revisiting 1980s and 1990s projects just so Viklund could update their music. True, he's working with established themes rather than original compositions. But as a work that strikes a balance between being evocative of the source material while still being unique in its own right, I don't know of a better composer. These 8-bit anthems are no small part of our nostalgia for classic game franchises and given publishers' instinct to reboot them, a guy like Viklund would be essential. He's the only one I know doing this sort of thing right now.

Final Fight Double Impact Soundtrack [.zip file, opens in separate window. Via GameSetWatch]

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