Remember when you’d go camping as a kid and sit around a campfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores? I don’t, which is why I used a cigarette lighter on a S’mores Oreo instead.

Available tomorrow at participating retailers across the country, S’mores Oreo is the latest in Nabisco’s ever-increasing limited-edition attempts at making Oreos taste like other things. Considering some of their less successful attempts—watermelon, old tire, Fahey’s Mom—taking on a traditional snack that’s largely comprised of a cookie-ish element seems rather tame.

Par for the course for 2015 Nabisco, a company too timid to combine the word “s’mores” and the word “Oreo” as nature intended. No matter what weak-willed words appear on the package, these are S’moreos, Nabisco be damned.

What we have here is a pair of graham-flavored Oreo discs surrounding a dual-layer of chocolate and marshmallow creme. Mind the spelling here—creme. It’s spell ed that way to ensure no one expects chocolate or marshmallow cream, which are nearly completely different things.


As with just about every time Nabisco adds flavor to its golden Oreo discs, the cookie is much harder than your standard sandwiched biscuit fare, which makes for a distracted first bite in which flavor is trumped by difficulty level. Munch past the graham wall and one discovers the taste of sweet, without much of the taste of chocolate.

As a cookie they were okay. As a s’more I found them lacking—but perhaps that was because they hadn’t been properly toasted. Lacking a campfire, I turned to the next best thing.


But Vin Diesel isn’t a source of cooking heat, so I instead went with something a bit hotter and better at acting.


Yeah, I cooked the S’moreo with a lighter like some junkie. You know what? It tasted better than it did uncooked with a lighter. That’s what snackology is all about—coating food with black butane residue and going to town.

In retrospect, microwaving the cookies briefly or even warming them in the over might work as well, but wouldn’t look nearly as exciting on video.


By far the best way to eat S’moreos is dipped in milk. The hardness of the cookie gives way to a lovely dissolve, the marshmallow creme isn’t quite as cloying, and you can almost taste the chocolate the package assures me exists.

One day I’ll work up the courage to take my wife and children camping, just like I did that one single time back when I was a much younger large bearded man. Until then, should I need an authentic s’mores experience, I know where to turn—making them over the stove. Or s’mores ice cream. The Pop Tarts are pretty good too. Oh, have you tried S’mores cereal? That stuff is so good.

Should have called them S’moreos, Nabisco.

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