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Screw It, Snacktaku Spends Election Night With Dos Almas Tequila

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Is alcohol a snack? The answer is normally no, but there are exceptions. Is the alcohol in question a limited craft run of an oft-misunderstood Mexican classic, and are you drinking it on the same evening your country is going batshit insane? Then sure, why the hell not. Snack away.

Tequila is one of North America’s very first distilled spirits. Tightly regulated by the Mexican government, which only allows production in select areas and only allows non-flavored varieties to carry the tequila name, the distilled blue agave juice has fans all over the world.

When many people think tequila, they imagine an amber liquid with a little dead worm in the bottom. That’s generally a mezcal, a different Mexican liquor made from the hearts of just any plain agave plant you might have laying about (pesky thing). Mexico does not allow tequila to contain worms or scorpions. Neither do I for that matter.


Tequila—good tequila, at least—is a premium liquor that’s having a hard time shaking its party animal image. I’m afraid I don’t further the cause much in the video above.

I’d been sitting on a pair of Dos Almas bottles for several weeks, waiting for the right moment to crack them open. The clear bottle is a plata tequila, meaning it is bottled straight from the still without aging. The other is actually a cinnamon liquor made from a combination of reposado tequila (aged at least two months but no more than a year) and organic Indonesian Ceylon cinnamon sticks and agave nectar.

Dos Almas is sold, oddly enough, through an online triathlon supply shop called De Sota. Tequila is a passion of De Sota founder Emilio De Soto, and he already had the one website, so why bother with another? You can find out how they make it over at that very website.


How are they? The plata is strong and bold, the agave flavor leading a powerful burn. I try to hold it together in the video, but that burn gets me. The cinnamon liquor is much more mellow and smooth, with a nice cinnamon heat with a fruity accent. Both are highly recommended, though maybe not in the way I drank them last night. A modest glass to celebrate the day, perhaps. That sounds nice.

For those of you who only showed up to see if I get drunk, jump to the seven minute mark in the video to see the exact reason I don’t drink very often. This is the first and very likely last alcoholic beverage Snacktaku, unless America is even dumber four years from now.


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