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Smoking Simulator Simulates Not Just Smoking, But Murderous Rampages

Smoking Simulator is, thankfully, a little more involved than the name suggests. This isn't a simulation of the act of smoking. It's a simulation of the act of trying not to (or to) kill everyone around you one the smokes run out.


The game was made for the same Indie Game Maker contest as Purrkour, which we featured last week.


It's playable in a browser (also: see Greenlight page), so you can smoke-then-smash-stuff right now if you'd like.

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Remember when they used to allow smoking on planes (I dont because I wasnt alive but it still seems like a shitty/obnoxious idea)?

Edit: I guess it was only banned on domestic US flights in 1998 so I was very much around. Hooray!