To: Crecente and co. From: Luke Morning, creatures of the day. I'd write a longer note to greet you, but I bruised my ribs playing football on the weekend (that'll teach me to try and stay fit). I've been injured plenty of times playing football before, but this, this is new! It hurts to type, and it hurts to breathe, so I'm going to cut the former short. Here's what you missed: EA Take-Two: The Wedding's Off Peter Moore Killed The Dreamcast, Fired A Lot Of People WipeOut HD Not Only Priced, But Dated As Well Why People Didn't Like The Clone Wars Duke Nukem XBLA Coming On September 24 Finally, The Getaway Is Of Use To Somebody Spore Only Allows One Account, Even If You're Playing With Family First Look At Premium DS Animal Crossing City Folk Given Pointless Australian Renaming Epic Hard FFXI Boss Killed In One Minute