I finally caved and picked up a new full-sized iPad this week, so it stands to reason that this Week in Gaming Apps be bigger and higher resolution than the last, with a plug that doesn't fit any other the ones that came before it.

I've only had the iPad 4 since Monday, and I've already filled two pages with games, thanks to a robust crop of new iOS releases this week. We finally got Real Racing 3, which I wasn't quite as pleased with as I had hoped I'd be. We also got a new Alien Vs. Predator title, which put the recent console release to shame, not that it was a particularly difficult feat.

But wait, there's more! There's a new Toy Story game, a little Hello Kitty (if you're nasty), and an excellent opportunity for me to include a picture of my cat in the Week in Gaming Apps. I'm calling it a success.

Here's what we've played this week!



MegaFlux — Free

A cool little take on pipe-type puzzles, directing power to processors in nano tubes.


Ant Raid — $.99 [also on iOS]

Arcade strategy at its smallest and finest. How have I missed this game?


Ark of the Ages — $1.99

A full-on 3D dungeon-crawler type RPG from the folks at XSeed. Swipe-based combat is a blast!


Hello Kitty Seasons Beauty Salon — Free

Shut up.



Gravity Duck — $.99

A pixelated puzzle platformer featuring a duck with the ability to manipulate his gravimetric field. Challenging and fun!


Toy Story: Smash It! — $.99 [also on Android]

It's like Angry Birds in 3D with Toy Story characters. This is a good thing.


Up in Flames — $.99

More Angry Birds-ish destruction, only this time there's fire involved. Everybody loves fire.


Slingshot Puzzle — $1.99

An incredibly pretty little physics puzzle game involving a brass slingshot and 126 levels of ball-bouncing goodness.


Spellstorm — Free [also on Android]

Another card-collecting battle game, but this one has some great animations instead of just making you watch numbers appear on the screen.


The Silent Age — Free

The first episode of what promises to be an amazing time-twisting point-and-click style adventure saga.


Minako's Style — Free

I just picked up this one to take pictures of my cat.


8 Ball Pool — $.99 [also on Android]

An online pool game in which one player wins because the other leaves when they realize this is an online pool game.

App Reviews for the Week of February 23 - March 1


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