Smash Bros. Mod Adds Playable Pokémon Sun and Moon Characters

Much of Sun and Moon is spent with Lillie bemoaning that she’s not strong enough to be a trainer. Yet here she is, kickin’ literal butt with the help of a little cutie called Cosmog.

Over at modding community GameBanana, SunSpirit has uploaded a skin that replaces the standard Rosalina model with Lillie, of the latest Pokémon games. When placed in the stadium stage, Lillie looks right at home:


Lillie, obviously, has all of Rosalina’s moves—except Luma is replaced by Cosmog!

Some more screenshots:

You can download the mod here. The creator notes that it’s safe to use over Wi-Fi because it’s just a skin, making it likely the appearance is just client-side.

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