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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Smash Bros. Glitches Are The Best

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Though the 3DS version of Smash hasn't released everywhere yet, players are already finding bugs. And given that this is Smash, a game where anything can happen, it's probably not surprising to hear that many of the glitches in the game are of the absurd variety.

Here's how the game is bugging out for people.

Dedede gets a Gordo stuck to his butt

Even glitched out with a spiked thing stuck to his butt, Dedede is still perfect. While funny, the glitch does mess up your ability to do a special move. Bummer.


The Villager can never come down

I'm surprised that the villager doesn't just start projectile vomiting everywhere!


Yoshi jumps forever

Apparently, Yoshi can jump like this because of something gone wrong with his custom moveset. Specifically, in both of these videos, the uploaders note that they messed with the up-b move.

A look inside Mario's head

Woah. I guess I'm not surprised there's nothing upstairs, but still!

Counter suicide

Err, that's not supposed to happen...

Mario's cape malfunction

This one takes a while to reproduce—the actual glitch doesn't happen until around the 30 second mark, at the end—but it shows Mario's cape acting in a bizarre way. Then again, when Mario's cape can do this to characters holding on to an edge, it just looks like maybe the move could use a little tweaking...


The most sudden sudden death

While the quality of this video is abysmal, what happens at the end is pretty clear. And by clear I mean, "what the fuck just happened?"


And finally, we have this...

Which many people are asking about. Is it a glitch? Naw. Luigi is supposed to do that! In previous games, his magic missile move could get him stuck onto surfaces, too.


Personally, I haven't encountered any of of these glitches—a shame, because I think I'd be delighted by them. Alas! Then again, I say this, but I'm a Robin player...and currently, there's a glitch that lets Zero Suit Samus do an infinite against Robin:


Have you encountered any glitches in the demo or Japanese release of the game? Let us know in the comments.