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Smash Bros. Fans Have Some Great Ideas For Cards Against Humanity

Needless to say, some of these are going to be pretty gross. That, and deep into Smash lore.

The photos come from smashboards forum user UltimaNylocke, who posted some goofy suggestions for Cards Against Humanity additions on this cardcast page. More of my favorites from the custom set below:


There are a lot more responses than calls:


Again, some are more than a little off-color. But that's the thing with Cards Against Humanity: it's a game you play most often in-person, with close friends who are comfortable getting rowdy with one another.

Some other text-based suggestions from the smashboards thread:

Calls (the black cards):

  • Show me your _____!
  • ______? BANNED!
  • Remember when Westballz ______ 15 times in a row on stream?
  • Project: M. The M stands for _______.
  • ______. Still better than Raptor Boost.
  • In the next PM Build, everyone is going to complain about ______.
  • Because of hardware limitations, _____ will be not be returning for Smash 5.
  • I can't believe that the PMDT actually nerfed _____.
  • SHUT THE **** UP, ________, IT'S YOUR THIRD ****ING _______.
  • The new Captain Falcon sacred combo: Down air to _____.
  • The year is 20XY. Everyone stops maining Fox and plays _____ instead.
  • The next episode of the Smash Brothers Documentary is about _____.
  • ______? WE ESPORTS NOW.
  • ______ has been banned from Apex 2015 due to complications with _____.
  • ______ would be so much better with commentary from Prog and D1.
  • Thanks to our new sponsor, the winner from this year's Apex Melee Bracket will receive a year's supply of ______.
  • I can't believe the PMDT actually nerfed ________!
    _________ would be so much better with commentary from Prog and D1
    _________ has been banned from APEX due to complications with __________.

Responses (the white cards):

  • The 9 hammer.
  • Ganondorf's Gerudo Dragon.
  • Squirtle's Side B.
  • Watching Leffen get 4 stocked.
  • Deep Kong.
  • Pressing 1 because you feel bad for Hungrybox.
  • Hungrybox.
  • Chillindude829.
  • ****ing up the Rest punish.
  • Sheik's ****ing chaingrab on like half the cast.
  • Pokéfloats.
  • Leffen's ego.
  • Leffen's hair.
  • Wobbling.
  • Casuals thinking Pikachu's Down B is a good move.
  • Energems.
  • Pikachu
  • Sakurai's Cat
  • Pressing 1 because you feel bad for Hungrybox
  • Hungrybox
  • the 9 hammer, crusher of hopes and dreams
  • Leffen's ego
  • f*cking up the rest punish, ON PURPOSE
  • Ganondorf's Gerudo Dragon
  • Wobbling, the only thing that makes Ice Climbers good.
  • Fortune
  • nipple spiking
  • Borp tech skill

Play safe, folks!

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