Super Smash Bros Characters Sure Have Changed Over The Years

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We've talked a bunch about Super Smash Bros' new characters, but what about the classics? Mario, Link, Samus, and pretty much every other major character in Nintendo history? Turns out they've changed since Super Smash Bros Brawl/Melee in ways both big and small.


(That rhymed. I apologize.)

These two videos demonstrate the tweaks and alterations Nintendo's made to its golden oldies especially well. First up, here's all the new final smash attacks compared to their counterparts from Brawl.

I really like Luigi's snazzy new vacuum, ala Luigi's Mansion.

Next up, a much more subtle—yet arguably more crucial, at least to high-level players—change: speed. This video puts three games, the new Smash Bros, Brawl, and Melee, side-by-side to see who best floats like a butterfly and stings like Princess Peach. Unfortunately this is only based on the US demo of the new Smash, greatly limiting the character selection. Still though, the results are... interesting:

The maker of the video added some observations as well:

- All three games run at 60fps and captured at 60fps.

- Smash attacks, fully charged or otherwise, are near identical between all three versions frame-wise.

- Multi-hit attacks, such as Mario and Link's standing A's, have the most notable frame variance.

- Characters get adjusted from game to game, meaning not all attacks will have identical animations. Case in point, Pikachu's Thunder attack in the 3DS version compared to the other two.

People who are better at Smash than I could ever conceive of being, even in my most implausible dreams where I have money and happiness and hair that does more than one thing, probably take note of all that.

And now, since you've made it this far, here's a bonus video: everybody bouncing painfully off the screen before they die. As the Incredible Hulk would say before leveling an entire city block with little regard for the lives and livelihood of the civilians on it, happy smashing!



I personally preferred Luigi, R.O.B., and Dedede's old smashes much more. Ness's new one seems much more useful, but the old one was pretty fun to dodge. Undecided on Pit, another one that was fun to dodge.