Smash an AT-AT Full of Pigs in the Angry Birds/Star Wars Toy Line

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Teased on Friday, we knew that some kind of a crossover between Rovio's Angry Birds franchise and Star Wars was coming. It's a natural pairing, given the enormous mainstream reach of those names and their owners' willingness to license it in the toy space.


Well that's exactly what's coming. It's a toy line set to be announced tomorrow at NY Comic-Con. The series includes Plush Birds dressed as Star Wars characters and two catapult games—one smashing a Jenga Death Star, the other taking down a pig-constructed AT-AT. An action figure pack also will be offered.


But it does seem both Rovio and Lucasfilm went a little overboard in their Star Wars/Angry Birds costumes, variants on the original foam Angry Bird that people everywhere slipped on a couple years ago when they were too busy to acquire or create a real Halloween getup. The costumes look ridiculous and even a little gratuitous, but given what we're dealing with here, I suppose that's to be expected.

Bleeding Cool found the Death Star Jenga first. Idle Hands rounded up all the rest of the stuff, you can see many more images at its link.

Star Wars Angry Birds Revealed [Idle Hands]

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Is there anything Star Wars won't be jammed into?