Sly Cooper 4 Won’t Be Having Any Wardrobe Malfunctions with These Clever Costume Changes

You know, I never realized how much I missed Sly Cooper until I recently laid hands on an in-development build of the master thief's upcoming game. There's a particular charm in how the larcenous raccoon created by Sucker Punch manages to combine stealth, humor and platforming into an attractive whole. I mean, I hate raccoons in real life but here I am laughing it up with one of them in video game form.

In the video preview above, I try out the new abilities generated by the costumes Sly inherits from his ancestors Sly Cooper 4. The PS3 exclusive has the title character traveling through time to recover lost pages from the Thievius Raccoonus, the ancient family tome that holds all sorts of sneaky secrets. Sly 4's being developed by Sanzaru Games, who handled the Sly Collection HD re-release of the previous three titles. The studio knows its way around the franchise and it's apparent how much bigger and sharper the game's going to be in comparison to the previous PS2 games. Does the stuff shown above make you eager to snatch Sly when it hits shelves later this year?

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hmmm...i don't know. I bought the sly collection, really enjoyed 1 since it was basically an old school Crash Bandicoot style. then 2 hit and it changed, and...well i made past breaking Sly and the hippo out of jail and i just kinda stopped.

I guess one issue was i always kinda hate playing the sidekicks in these kinds of games. Seeing as i'm without internet once i graduate, i guess i'll have some time to go back and replay it, see if maybe something has changed, everything deserves a second chance and i'll make sure sly gets his.