Slot Machines Beat Nintendo To Glasses-Free 3D Gaming

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I heard from a reader who has already experienced his own glasses-free 3D gaming... at a casino. I've not seen this myself; I'm not sure I want to.


A company called IGT has been offering 3D slot machines since late 2008, I learned, following up on the reader tip. These Reel Depth slots have genies pop from the slot machine screen or the plant from Little Shop of Horrors (because there is a Little Shop of Horrors slot machine, of course.

Here's one not exactly breathless report from December '08:

One casino, the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, is turning to 3D slot machines to try and lure customers. They feel that people are sick of simply hearing bells go off and that customers are ready for the next step in entertainment from their slot machines.


The IGT website simulates the 3D effect, but can't show it of course, no more than Nintendo could show its glasses-free 3D tech over the Internet when it was unveiled at E3 this past June. You could watch the simulation at IGT's site, though be warned that the page that hosts the clip is running a Javascript that chugged my browser.

I know some people consider 3D to be irrelevant for video games, but for gambling? I can't tell how this improves the experience. But I haven't tried it.

Readers, I am not near the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino in Southern California nor any other casino that has these glasses-free 3D slot machines. Are you? If you are of age, feel free to check those 3D slots out and let us know if they're any good. We are not responsible for loss of income.


Is the video game industry really two years behind the slot machine industry? Did those guys have analog sticks before video games too? And touch screens? What's next?

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The best casino game I ever played with total immersion was The Wizard of Oz. It had a built in seat with surround sound speakers in the very comfortable chair. Good graphics and a unique color scheme. More bonus games than the average slot.

I can't lie. I had fun squealing over a game featuring a Judy Garland character.