Slimmed Down Free Radical Very Attractive To Buyers

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Having recently shed 140 employees worth of weight, the slimmer, more manageable Free Radical is drawing a great deal of interest from various parties, with sale news expected later this month.

Speaking to, Cameron Gunn of administrator ReSolve Partners indicates that interest in the recently trimmed company is very high, with multiple parties vying for the TimeSplitters developer.

"We're advertising the business and assets for sale and there's been some significant interest expressed from all over the world, so we're now in the process of exploring that interest. The sale process itself will take a few weeks to run through, so we are thinking at this stage probably towards the end of January we should be in a better position to know whether or not we've got a decent sale - mid to late January"


There also remains the decision on whether they want to sell off Free Radical in pieces or as a whole. Gunn mentions the possibility of being able to sell off assets for a higher overall price than selling the company as a whole, but would rather preserve as many jobs as possible.

Currently Free Radical remains up and running with a skeletal staff of 40, though what exactly those 40 are doing remains up in the air, seeing as they've no projects currently signed.

"Very strong interest" in Free Radical Design sale []

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Hey, Bill, how about throwing down some bills for Free Radical? It couldn't be any worst than that time you bought Rare. Do it!