Just look at how it breathes. And listen to how it snores. And opens its mouth.

Below you can see a video of the Inemuri Totoro (Dozing Totoro) in action from nigiwaishouten. Here, have a look:

Just by squeezing Totoro's hand, you can send him into a deep slumber. This isn't the first sleeping Totoro toy, mind you.

Then, there's this display one at Tokyo Skytree, which isn't for sale:

I like the closed-mouth sleeping Totoros better, personally.

Yesterday, Kotobukiya said it got the latest snoozing toy in stock in Tokyo's Akihabara. It's priced at 4,500 yen (US$39). Of course, it's available at other retailers in Japan, both online and off.

[Photo: morinookurimono]

いねむりトトロ ¥4,500+税 [morinookurimono@Twitter]

ジブリ 映画 となりのトトロ 『いねむりトトロ』[nigiwaishouten@YouTube]

新商品「いねむりトトロ」(税抜4,500円) [Kotobukiya_akb@Twitter via RocketNews]

Top GIF: nigiwaishouten

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