Sleeping Totoro Plush Toy Is Somewhat Cute, But Kind of Freaky

Just look at how it breathes. And listen to how it snores. And opens its mouth.


Below you can see a video of the Inemuri Totoro (Dozing Totoro) in action from nigiwaishouten. Here, have a look:

Just by squeezing Totoro's hand, you can send him into a deep slumber. This isn't the first sleeping Totoro toy, mind you.

Then, there's this display one at Tokyo Skytree, which isn't for sale:

I like the closed-mouth sleeping Totoros better, personally.

Yesterday, Kotobukiya said it got the latest snoozing toy in stock in Tokyo's Akihabara. It's priced at 4,500 yen (US$39). Of course, it's available at other retailers in Japan, both online and off.

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[Photo: morinookurimono]

いねむりトトロ ¥4,500+税 [morinookurimono@Twitter]

ジブリ 映画 となりのトトロ 『いねむりトトロ』[nigiwaishouten@YouTube]

新商品「いねむりトトロ」(税抜4,500円) [Kotobukiya_akb@Twitter via RocketNews]

Top GIF: nigiwaishouten

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Awesome, but I'll just wait for my cat to become a bit fatter instead.