Slayer Pinball Shows No Mercy On iPhone Today

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Not since Electronic Arts' Crüe Ball hit the Genesis in 1992 have we been this excited to experience the unholy marriage of pinball and heavy metal. Thanks to thrash metal outfit Slayer's new iPhone game, heavy pinball is back!

Slayer Pinball Rocks HD combines the loud, fast and evil sounds of Slayer with traditional pinball for a "flipper-thrashing frenzy" with "hyper-realistic pinball gameplay set to a backdrop inspired by the band's latest head-banging masterpiece, World Painted Blood." The Slayer-themed pinball table is touted as borne "straight out of your worst nightmare."

That's a fairly accurate description as players must light up "MELTING FLESH" and "GLOBAL GENOCIDE" for points amid skulls, flames, lightning bolts, and other scary metal things. There are also shredding mini-games and original voiceovers from Slayer. It's pretty serious.


See Slayer Pinball Rocks HD in action at the official Slayer web site or, if you're feeling brave, just buy the damn thing for $2.99 via the iTunes App Store.

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Cake Tank!

Oh, a pinball game that's related to a metal band. This seems oddly familiar...

Well, no iPhone, not too big on pinball, and I don't like Slayer. I guess this isn't for me.