Slash Says Gaming And Music Have "Endless" Possibilities

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Never mind the drugs and booze, rocker Slash thinks games make folks lazy! According to Slash, games do "promote this sort of lethargy in kids." But does that mean he's against video games? Not at all! According to the guitarist:

A lot of people have been asking 'Is this [gaming] the new wave of how people are going to be exposed to music?' I though that was sort of like a joke question when I first heard it, but I'm starting to realise that, given the current state of the music business, it might be. Because the kids are into it, and the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can expose them to through this medium.


Rock, Slash, Rock.

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Fsheh. You only disliked the boss battles if you couldn't beat them. Mwahahahahah-Ow!

*nurses his carpel tunnel*

I like him. Class act all the way from what I've seen. Couldn't give beans about Guns & Roses but the songs Slash did for GH3 are amazing compositions.

He's also backing games when they need it most. Doesn't matter what check he's got, he's already gotten paid anyways. XD