Slash Goes From Guitar Hero To Fashion Hero

Guns And Roses guitarist and top-hat lover Slash wasn't kidding when he said that gaming had endless possibilities. The aging rocker is teaming up with long-time friend and Australia's Next Top Model stylist Jonathan Pease to work on a video game centered around fashion and styling. According to The Daily Telegraph, Pease is heading off to Los Angeles to launch the new venture with his Guitar Hero friend, so odds are good that we'll hear something about this new title at E3 next week.


Slash and fashion? Really? How many different combinations of long-hair and top hat can you possibly have? Note that the picture accompanying the Telegraph article features a clean-cut Slash, while his wife sports the hat/hair combo, in adherence with the law of conservation of rock.

All rosy as Jonathan Pease and rocker Slash unite [The Daily Telegraph]

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