Skyrim's Composer is Kickstarting His New Album

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Jeremy Soule, the composer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is a genius. Kotaku named his work in Skyrim one of the best game soundtracks of 2011, and with good reason; his ability to bring game worlds to life through his music and deeply immerse players into the adventure is truly remarkable. And now, he's planning to move beyond video games.

Over at Kickstarter, the Max Steiner Agency has launched a fresh project to fund Soule's first symphony, "The Northerner." They promise a full-fledged orchestral masterpiece with that trademark Jeremy Soule twist, featuring live players and singers. Soule wrote:

Kickstarter offers us a wonderful opportunity, and with your help, we can kindle the beginnings of what will be a new way in which to bring life to music in the concert hall and into the lives of others. I want to thank you in advance, dear friends and supporters, for your kindness, enthusiasm, and belief in what I do. I look forward to writing this work for you.

I will be working with the same team that has provided reliable and excellent support throughout my career. Recordings aren't easy to make, but if planning is done within a reasonable time frame, the process can go smoothly. As we have delved into the initial planning stages of the recording session, scheduling for the summer months affords us enough planning time for a recording of this nature.


"The Northerner" is scheduled to be released this September.

From the Composer of Skyrim - Soule Symphony No. 1 [Kickstarter]

Top image credit: Female Bard for your House mod @ Skyrim Nexus

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Sam Horner

Not sure why anyone in would release an album on Kickstarter without an mp3 reward. I don't want a CD in 2013.