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Skyrim Vs Fallout Battle Ends Gruesomely

People love pondering who'd win impossible fights. Superman vs Goku, Godzilla vs a Pacific Rim robot, my dad vs your dad. Finally, though, here's one we can actually watch: Fallout 3's main character vs Skyrim's Dovahkiin.

Andrewmfilms put together this impressively choreographed, reference-packed battle between Bethesda's two biggest stars. In it, both combatants pull out all the stops, including dragon shouts, VATs, and some especially creative weapon usage. Oh, and there's a bit where both are at death's door and need health and... I won't spoil it for you. Suffice it to say, it's brilliant.


The video's also pretty violent, to a degree that's ever-so-slightly more shocking live-action than in either of these games. By and large, though, this is a fun slug (and rifle and arrow and spell bolt and ethereal dragon magic and) fest. Check it out.

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In related news, those who think Superman would beat Goku literally couldn't be any more wrong about anything ever.