Skyrim Remaster Makes This Massive Dragons Versus Archers Battle Possible

Cosmic Contrarian, the man behind countless ridiculous custom Fallout 4 battles, tells us that this epic encounter between 100 dragons and 1,000 archers would have been impossible to stage in the original release of Skyrim, especially at 4K resolution.

Cosmic punctuated his recent birthday with the release of the first custom battle in a whole new series, pitting a horde of Imperial archers against a swarm of dragons. Arrows and fire fill the skies over Fort Greymoor, pushing the system Cosmic is recording the video on to its limit until one side ultimately triumphs. Place your bets.

“I created this battle in Skyrim Special Edition, it really has improved performance a lot over the original, this was impossible in original Skyrim on such a scale.”


Extra points for unintended dragon scale pun.

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