Apologies to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who famously uttered the phrase in the first Star Wars film, but becoming a translucent blue bit of heroic motivation has nothing on what Vader does to the rebel forces in this modded Fallout battle.

Not content to simply recreate everyone’s favorite little podracer in Fallout 4, YouTube’s Cosmic Contrarian staged a massive battle between Rebel and Imperial forces, culminating in an epic showdown between father and son. Seems like an appropriate game for it.

The video begins with Stormtrooper stand-ins in white power armor battling some generic Rebel troops.

Since Fallout 4 lacks AT-AT walkers, Cosmic grabbed some Liberty Primes and gave them a fresh coat of paint.


The Rebels manage to take out an AT-AT, but that just makes Vader interested in what they’re doing, which is never a good thing.

Eventually this guy shows up.


And you know how Vader and he get on. The party’s not over until someone loses an arm.

Here’s the full 20 minute and change video for your viewing pleasure.