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Skyrim Modder Wants You To Know Their Child Killing Mod Is The Best One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the hottest mods for Skyrim right now makes children killable. While that’s not a new feature in the modding world, the person that made this particular mod really wants you to know this is the definitive child murder mod.

Each week, the Nexus Mods index for Skyrim highlights mods that have reached a certain amount of endorsements from the community. These mods will get space in the Hot Files bar on Nexus Mods’ Skyrim landing page. This week, the mod Immersive Children made the cut, so the mod is being highlighted on the front page.

Some players believe that unkillable kids is breaks the immersion of expansive sandbox games like Skyrim and its brethren. Immersive Children isn’t the first Skyrim mod that allows you to kill kids, something that the maker of this mod, Acobral, acknowledges in the mod description. “You can even make such a mod yourself by simply unchecking the child flag from child races in the Creation Kit, and then exporting a new esp including those changes.” They do, however, believe they’ve got the best mod if you want killable children, and by golly they’re gonna prove it to you.


You see, this mod not only allows children to die or be killed by you, but it gives them the ability to sit in chairs and sleep in beds. In short, the goals of this mod are to make children lifelike and more like actual kids, and also give the player the ability to cut their precious lives short. That’s immersion, I guess: you love them, and then they fall under your blade. As Acobral writes, “Most people don’t know that a lot of the vanilla behavior of children is dependent on the child flag being checked. With it unchecked, child animations cease to work, and children will be able to use any and all furniture, including size-scaling crafting stations. This mod not only makes children become killable, but it also fixes the aforementioned issues. It also adds child coffins and urns to Halls of the Dead to increase immersion.” That’s right, if you want child sized urns in your game of Skyrim, this mod has answered your prayers.


To sell their mod further, Acobral has even made diagrams, comparing other mods to their own and pointing out the flaws.


The kicker is that Acobral doesn’t even seem that into the idea of child murder. This mod isn’t meant to be edgy, but to fix some of the flaws in other mods that allow child murder. When someone left a comment on the mod calling it “pathetic and sick,” Acobral replied, “I am fully aware of the controversy surrounding mods such as this, so I understand your moral criticism. However, I created this mod primarily for the sake of immersion, hence the title ‘Immersive Children.’ I too have a moral conscience when it comes to killing children, but immortal children is most certainly not an immersive thing.”


The dedication, while possibly misplaced, has paid off—Immersive Children has been downloaded almost 4,000 times.